CIC energiGUNE and Bcare organise an advanced seminar for training professionals in batteries with the specialist Shmuel De-Leon

The course will be held on 24-25 September and will focus on the latest developments in the field of supercapacitors, fuel cells, stationary applications and the electric vehicle.

CIC energiGUNE and Bcare organise an advanced seminar for training professionals in batteries with the specialist Shmuel De-Leon

  • The programme, designed for energy storage sector professionals and for researchers and engineers, will provide a practical overview of the current and future needs of the industry and will present the latest technological developments.
  • The Israeli company Shmuel De-Leon Energy is a worldwide reference in the development of tools and services for the global battery market.

(Vitoria-Gasteiz, 22 July 2019)

CIC energiGUNE, a reference research centre in Europe in the field of electrochemical and thermal energy storage, and Bcare, the spin-off company set up by CIC energiGUNE to offer value-added services to the energy storage industry, will bring to Vitoria-Gasteiz next September one of the leading international experts in the field of batteries and energy storage, the Israeli Shmuel De-Leon, to promote the training of qualified professionals in this sector.

Thanks to this joint initiative, Shmuel De-Leon will offer a seminar specifically focused on the current and future needs of electrochemical energy sources and on the latest technological developments in this field. Registration for the course, which will be held at the Álava Technology Park on 24-25 September, is available at:

The electric vehicle, stationary applications, supercapacitors and fuel cells will be four of the stand-out areas covered at the seminar, which will also focus on aspects of battery life cycle, design and manufacture. In this sense, battery design and the testing process will be of particular relevance, as they are both considered as key elements in the development of the new generation of batteries.

The training programme, designed for professionals in the sector as well as for researchers and engineers, will be divided into 15 modules. During the first day, attendees will be given practical information on the origin and evolution of batteries, as well as on the different chemical processes, after which a series of workshops will be run on battery charging and recharging. Time will also be dedicated to batteries for military use, the different design processes and safety protocols.

On Wednesday 25 September, sessions will focus on the supply chain, waste battery management, smart batteries, testing systems, grid storage and ultracapacitors. The last module will be specifically dedicated to the electric vehicle.

Registration for the seminar is open until 5 September. Those who register before 24 August will be eligible for a discount.

About Shmuel De-Leon

The seminar will be given by Shmuel De-Leon, founder and CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy and considered one of the leading international experts in the field of energy sources, storage and electric mobility. Prior to setting up his own company, De-Leon worked for over 20 years as head of engineering and quality control teams for various companies.

Shmuel De-Leon Energy offers unique solutions for the energy industry, including consulting, training and market research. In the case of the seminar to be held at the headquarters of CIC energiGUNE, participants will be given a comprehensive overview of current and future electrochemical energy sources, as well as training in cell selection, design, manufacturing, safety, testing and transport. In addition, the seminar will provide a grounding for new players to the sector, advanced knowledge for current active stakeholders and training in specialised software.

About CIC energiGUNE

CIC energiGUNE is the leading research centre in Europe in the field of energy storage. The centre, a strategic initiative in this field of the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, is also supported by the Provincial Government of Álava and the Basque Energy Agency. All the leading companies in the energy and storage sector in the Basque Country (Iberdrola, Cegasa Portable Energy, Sener, Siemens-Gamesa, Ormazabal, Idom, Solarpack, Mondragón Corporation and Nortegas) are represented on the governance board of the organisation.

In addition, CIC energiGUNE is the benchmark laboratory for energy storage in southern Europe, with its unique facilities including prototyping and testing infrastructures for electrical (including batteries for automotive solid state) and thermal storage. It has published extensively in scientific journals (over 500 publications) and participates in more than 35 industrial projects per year.

About Bcare Bcare is a company providing comprehensive services in the field of energy storage, offering analysis and support in the selection of commercial battery technologies based on knowledge of chemistry; predictive diagnosis of battery behaviour and analysis, diagnosis and advice on improving the life expectancy and performance of batteries in use. Furthermore, Bcare performs third party audits; technical-economic assessments of new storage solutions and post-mortem analysis of the causes of battery failure. This last service is a factor of particular value for companies, as Bcare is supported by the pioneering work being done at CIC energiGUNE.

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