BCARE increases its turnover by 72% in 2022 and is already outlining a new phase of expansion with the move to its new facilities in the Alava Technology Park

  • The CIC energiGUNE spin-off, which emerged in 2018, has reached the maturity level of a "scale-up" this year, supported by a turnover of 1.33 million euros.

BCARE, a spin-off from CIC energiGUNE to offer value-added services to industry in the field of energy storage, is preparing a new phase of expansion of its business model after reaching a turnover of 1.33 million euros last year 2022, representing an increase of 72% over the previous year. This growth has been accompanied by new international clients and the move to new facilities in the Álava Technology Park.

"We feel that, after 5 years of existence, we are at a decisive moment for the integral development of the company," said general manager Soraya Romo Díez. "New international clients, the incorporation of qualified talent and the move to facilities in which, among other aspects, we have expanded laboratory equipment, consolidate us as a technologically leading company with great projection", she assured.  In this sense, BCARE has generated its first serial products in 2022. On the one hand, its LiFePO4 technology battery packs for back-up applications and, on the other, its battery diagnostic modules capable of monitoring the device´s parameters, keeping it in optimum condition and predicting its potential degradation, reducing maintenance and replacement work.

BCARE has also maintained its strategy of managing local partners, close and with excellent quality standards, as a differentiating factor, and which also includes its commitment to companies with social and labor integration policies. "All of this has led to the creation of new direct and indirect jobs and the reinforcement of a highly qualified professional profile, in line with our commitment to talent and innovation”.

In the commercial field, BCARE´s activity during 2022 has been marked by initiatives such as its first project in the telecommunications sector, developed for one of the main operators in the sector, and the first project in the field of electromobility with one of the major players in the world of sport and light mobility. Also noteworthy is the award of its second European project, MUSIC (coordinated by CIC energiGUNE), for the development of a sodium supercapacitor module, where in addition to the definition of the use cases, BCARE will carry out the development of the module prototype and the Supercapacitor Management System (SMS) and its intelligence.

“In addition to all this, we have digitalized all processes and have diversified our activity significantly, moving forward from the initial consulting services," recalled Javier Olarte, CEO of BCARE. "And, of course, we continue to count on the collaboration of our parent company, CIC energiGUNE, which places us at the forefront of the group in southern Europe in this field," he concluded.

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